Global clinical and education experts developed our free online course series to provide you with knowledge, skills and inspiration to support you in your daily practice.

The comprehensive courses are self-paced and evidence-based, using real-life cases to demonstrate current procedures in diagnosis and treatment planning, endodontics, and implants. You can begin the course series at the level you are most comfortable: Foundational, our introductory courses; Procedure-Based, our intermediate courses; or Mastery, our advanced courses.

Our course series will

  • Instruct learners in clinical workflows
  • Provide an interactive learning experience over multiple courses
  • Lead learners on designed sequential learning pathways
  • Meet the learner wherever they are on their clinical learning journey
  • Allow the learner to take courses at their convenience, taking breaks during the course at any time
Indirect Restorative Course Series

Digital technology is rapidly revolutionizing the field of restorative dentistry. This self-paced online course series focuses on how digital dentistry can enhance indirect restorative treatment outcomes. It covers the fundamentals of CAD/CAM in dentistry, digital and analog impression techniques in an Indirect Workflow atmosphere, the science behind material selection, how to incorporate new technology into your practice, and the future for new clinical applications. Tooth preparation, tooth preservation, and tissue management are also discussed.

  • Foundational level: 2 courses
  • Procedure-bases level: 8 courses
  • Mastery level: 1 course
Aligner Course Series

This free online aligner course series helps dental professionals become more confident and comfortable using clear aligner therapy (CAT), which has become a popular choice for patients looking for a less intrusive orthodontic option. In this course series, learners will gain an understanding of the biomechanics of therapeutic tooth movement, efficient treatment methodologies, and how to diagnose and treat cases.

  • Foundational level: 2 Courses
  • Procedure-Based level: 5 Courses
  • Mastery level: 2 Courses
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Course Series

This five-course program will prepare clinicians to collect patient data and diagnose patients' dental issues, from initial check-ups to traumatic dental injuries. Our course series include Dental Diagnosis I and II, Dental Treatment Plan, Dental Radiology and Panoramic Radiographs.

  • Foundations of Dental Diagnosis I
  • Foundations of Dental Diagnosis II
  • Foundations of the Dental Treatment Plan
  • Foundations of Dental Radiology
  • Foundations of Panoramic Radiographs
Implants Course Series

This 23-course program will assist in building and expanding clinicians' digital implant skills and knowledge, from didactic theories to bone grafting procedures and techniques. Courses include Implant Treatment Planning, Placing and Restoring Single-Tooth Implants, Advanced Bone Grafting, Managing Dental Implant Complications and more.

  • Level 1: Introduction to Implantology
  • Level 2: Posterior Single-Tooth Implants; 2 Courses
  • Level 3: Anterior Single-Tooth Implants; 4 Courses
  • Level 4: Multi-Unit Fixed Partial Dentures; 2 Courses
  • Level 5: Full-Arch Implant Overdentures; 3 Courses
  • Level 6: Full-Arch Fixed Prostheses; 2 Courses
  • Level 7: Advanced Bone Grafting; 3 Courses
  • Level 8: Management of Dental Implant Complications; 4 Courses
Endodontics Course Series

This 10-course program will guide clinicians through the complexities of endodontics, from accurately diagnosing to treating traumatically injured teeth. Courses include X-Ray Interpretation, the Etiology of Pulpal Diseases, Endodontic Armentarium, Endodontic Therapies, and a Case-Based Capstone.

  • Endodontic Foundational Courses
  • Endodontic Procedure-Based Courses
  • Endodontic Mastery Courses
Sustainability Course Series

These courses will assist clinicians in gaining a deeper understanding of the industry's environmental and social challenges and how to approach them with patients. Experts will examine critical initiatives and help participants develop a plan for leading their dental practice into a more sustainable future.

  • Sustainability in dentistry - Let's go BEYOND!
  • Taking action for the planet
  • Promoting D&I in dentistry
  • Improving access to oral care
  • Communicating action and measuring success